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Normal Operation Hours: Open
                        Friday & Saturday Noon to 6:00 PM
                               Sunday Noon to 5:00 PM

                     Thursday we are open by Phone call only
                        Call for to arrange a time 321-303-6486

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                             Thursday by Phone Call prior to coming
                                          to the Winery

Hello All,  We are open Sunday January 15, 2017.

We are back from the Florida Wine And Grape Growers Association annual meeting in Palatka, Florida.  It was a great meeting both the University of Florida (U of F) and Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University (FAMU) came and presented all of the advancement in Grape Growing and Wine making going on here in Florida.  It is great to see that both of the Universities have Viticulture and Enology programs developing now to train and educate future men and women in the growing Craft Beer and Wine Making industry here in Florida.

They are also studying the Medical uses of Muscadine grape by-products in improving health and disease.  It is looking promising in the treatment of Diabetes, Bowel diseases and Cancers.

We will be offering Free Wine Tastings in January 2017 to those who are following us on our Facebook Page or our Web Site: www.Hutchinsonfarmwinery.com just let us know you saw it on line for your FREE Tasting.

Thank everyone for all their support for us.

Our chickens and enjoying their Free Range life.  It is like having a full time gardener working for us.  They clean up around all the trees and bushes.  It has taken them about two months to wonder all over the Vineyard and property but now they seem very happy with their new surroundings.  They are on bug and worm patrol all day long.  It is something to watch them "doing their Chicken thing".  We still lock them up away from the Coyotes, Raccoons & Possums that would love to get into their coop.  They seem to know what to do and as soon as it starts go get dark they make their way back to the coop for the night. 

Sherry Hutchinson the Winemaker and John the Vineyard Manager here at play on our day off.  Take care and we hope to meet you one day here at our Florida Farm Winery.

Sherry and Pablo resting in the Heat of the day out in the Vineyard picking our Grapes.

New paragraph

We harvested our Conquistador Bunch Grapes last weekend.  Lucky that our Grandsons were here to give us a hand. 

Nick Mastromarino my Grandson helping harvest our Conquistador grapes.  Lots of work but well worth the effort.  The Conquistador is one of our Blending Grapes for our Red Wine Blend.

Nathan Williams our Grandson visiting form Lake Park, Ga. pitching in to help us get the crop back to the winery.

Hutchinson Farm Winery any questions Call John Hutchinson at: 321-303-6486

Our hours have changed and we will be Closing at 5:00 PM on Sundays.

If you are planning on visiting the Winery and Tasting Room after Dusk Please call (321-303-6486) so we can stay open until you arrive, we find most folks don't want to travel our driveway after dark.  It gets dark now at 6:00 pm so please call so we know you are on your way.  Thank You.

Thank you all for your support in our adventure here at the Winery this last year.

John & Sherry

Our Hybrid "Bunch" White Grapes are getting close to being ready to harvest.  Our Stover grapes were harvested and we are starting our 2016 White Blend. 

These are our Red Hybrid Bunch Grapes they are getting ready as well.  We are gearing up for our Two Year Anniversary on July 16, 2016 with the release of our Blue Darter Blueberry Wine.  Hope to see you for the Anniversary celebration.

Thanks again for all your support over the last two years. 

John & Sherry Hutchinson

Here are our Carlos (Muscadine) grapes they still need some more time but are looking very good this year.

These are our Lake Emerald Bunch Grapes they are close to being ready to harvest.

 Look for our directional Signs both North and South bound on Apopka/Vineland Road (Clarcona Road) directing you to Hutchinson Farm Winery

Directions from Orlando:  If you have any questions Please call and we can direct you here.   407-814-8330

We are located at 8061 Stone Road, Apopka, Florida,

From Orlando:  Take I-4 North to Maitland Exchange (SR-414) go West toward Apopka, Fl. The SR-414 becomes a Toll Road get off on the Keene Road Exit that is Exit #6. 

Turn Left  on Keene Road.  You will be traveling West on Keene.

Turn Left on Clarcona Road, it is the first Traffic Signal.  Go South on Clarcona to Stone Road it is approximately 1/2 mile.  Look for our "Hutchinson Farm Winery"  Green road side Winery sign then Turn Left on Stone Road go 1/4 mile to Our Driveway on the Left.

Turn Left on Driveway  Watch for the Winery Signs.  Our driveway curves and is about a 1/2 mile long. There are signs all the way, you will have to go under the SR-414 and the Tasting room is straight ahead.

Normal Hours of operation are Friday, & Saturday from 12:00 Noon to 7:00 pm. Sunday from 12:00 Noon to 5:00 pm.  We are closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday except by Appointment only.

We are open to the Public and also host Private events.  Please contact us for more information at 407-814-8330

Here is our Official Florida Farm Winery Sign  It was placed on Clarcona Road two more to follow on US-441 in Apopka.

We have harvested our Grapes and are now in the process of making our wine.  Here is Sherry cranking our "Stemer-Crusher" machine that removes the the stems and leaves and crushes the grapes to help press more juice from each grape.  The next photo is our 40 liter basket press.  All of the grapes go in this to press out the juice so we can ferment the juice into Wine.

Our Forty Liter Basket Press is being replaced by our New Bladder Press that will press 700  lbs of grapes at a time.  We press the grapes to get all of the juice out of them for our Fermenting process to begin.  This press is very timely to operate all the pressure is from a screw type mechanism and not as efficient as our new "Bladder Press" see below.

This is our new "Bladder Press" it can press over 700lbs of grapes at one time.  Once it is loaded and closed up and screwed down you just turn on the water and the pressure inflates the Bladder and presses all of the juice out of the grapes.

                   Hutchinson Farm Winery here in Apopka, Florida.

                 Open Friday, and Saturday from Noon to 7:00 pm.
                               Sunday Noon to 5:00 pm
        Thursday we are only open by Appointment call 321-303-6486
 We are CLOSED:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday except by Appointment

If you have any questions please call us at  our Business phone (407-814-8330) or our Cell number (321-303-6486). We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also find us on Facebook, Hutchinson Farm Winery.