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John & Sherry Hutchinson

Hutchinson Farm Winery
 WOOPS Proud owners of Hutchinson Farm Winery

Sherry Mottola and John (Duke) Hutchinson met at a High School Reunion in Fort Lauderdale where they both attended. It was the first reunion Sherry had ever attended since our graduation in 1962.  Needless to say we fell in love and started a long distant relationship until I convinced her to marry me and move from New York to Central Florida.  We were married here on Hutchinson Farm in May of 2005.      Sherry had started her interest in winemaking in the late 1960’s when she worked at High Tor Vineyards in Rockland County New York. She moved to the Finger Lakes in the early 1970’s where she began her quest for learning all about winemaking and grapes growing. From 1979 till 1986 she was involved in many different wine ventures from winemaking to selling. Then due to unforeseen changes in her life she decided to go to Nursing School to provide for her children.

John Hutchinson prior to his retirement, was a Physician Assistant who managed a Mobile Ultrasound Company here in Central Florida from 1987 to 2010.  During the time he was Clinical Director of Urology Diagnostic Centers, Inc. he was “Wined and Dined” at Medical meetings over the years.  It is said “You can not make a good wine without drinking great wines” So I want to thank all of the Physicians, Drug Representatives, Nurses and other Medical personnel who helped me find those GREAT Wines.

In 2006 Sherry and I stated to make wine from “Kits” we purchased from Wine Making stores here in Orlando.  We were then introduced in 2007 to the Florida Grape Growers Association (http://www.FGGA.ORG ).  It is an association of Grape growers and winemakers, which represents both Commercial as well as Hobbyist winemakers as members.  In the FGGA we met lots of “Like Minded People” and have developed many great friendships both on the Hobbyist and Commercial sides of the Wine business.  One of the members who we became very close with was John Sirvent of Floral Home, Florida.  John passed away in 2013, and he is surely missed every day.  We collaborated with him over the years on the best practices in both the making of Muscadine and Bunch grape wines, as well as the best growing practicing for these grapes.  Bunch grapes are Hybrid Muscadine grapes developed by Florida A & M University and the University of Florida.

We planted a couple of acres of Muscadine as well as Bunch grapes in 2007 that is now our West Vineyard here at Hutchinson Farm Winery. It was through our wines that we shared with family and friends and the positive feedback that they gave us that made us look at a Commercial Venture. We had reached a point in our production where we made more wine than we could drink, so it seemed like the likely next step.     In 2013 when we decided to go into the Commercial side of Grape Growing and Winemaking.  We have always had the urge to do something in our “Retirement” years and this seemed like the thing to do for us.  It has been a real learning curve going from Hobbyist to Commercial Winery, which took lots of work, but we have enjoyed watching it develop.     We hope to see you some day here at our Small Boutique Winery and Tasting Room, to enjoy our European Style, hand crafted wines made from our Estate Grown Grapes. We also import juice from California, New York and Chile that are also for sale here at Hutchinson Farm Winery.

Thank you,

John & Sherry Hutchinson

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