Drone over property West Vineyard at mid top of photo
Look the pool is not Green.
Our Vineyard and property from above.



Our Lake Emerald Grape vine
This is our West Vineyard planted in 2007
Sherry harvesting our Muscadine Grapes
Our bottled wines out in our East Vineyard.
Under the shade cloth enjoying the peace and quiet.
Ready to harvest
Noble Grapes with catcher below waiting on the grapes to fall.
Sherry supervising the Pressing.
In our Breeze way Desteming and Pressing the grapes.
Our older Rachet press would hold about 75 to 100 lbs. of grapes.
Our Destemer-Crusher used to separate the grapes from the leaves and stems.
Our Hydroponics growing lettuce for our salads.
More plants for our East Vineyard.
Our Cuttings for the East Vineyard taken from our West Vineyard. They are under our Shade Cloth nursery.
Noble Grapes notice the unequal ripening of the grapes. We hand pick our grapes and only the ripe ones.
This is our East Vineyard it has a few more seasons before it is at full production
Our West Vineyard it was planted in 2007 it has both Muscadine as well as Muscadine Hybrid or Bunch Grapes.
North view of our West Vineyard planted in 2007.
Lake Emerald grapes great for our White Blend.
Early in the growing season.
Sherry picking our muscadine grapes these are our catching baskets used to catch the grapes when we tickle them from the Vines.
Ranger keeping guard.
This is Pablo, he was bad and had to go to prison for awhile.
This is Ranger he is a rescue dog we saves as a puppy.