In light of the current situation surrounding the Coronavirus (Corvid-19) we want to reach out and let you know that we hope you and your loved ones are well & healthy. 
During this time we are following all guidelines and procedures in accordance with the CDC.



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We want to thank all of you who have supported us here at the Winery.

Hutchinson Farm Winery, LLC
8061 Stone Road Apopka, Florida
TEL:  321-303-6486

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Our Wines out in the Vineyard

_____White Wine $19.99
A blend of our estate grown Muscadine and Bunch grapes with a mildly dry finish, full fruit in the nose and taste, and a hint of oak undertones. Goes well with chicken, fish, and light pasta dishes, or alone as a light summer wine. It has been a favorite at our winery tastings.

_____Rose’ Wine  $19.99
A blend of Muscadine Nobel Red wine and our White Wine blend to produce a brilliant Rose’ color.   A crisp, semi- dry wine with a hint of sweetness, full fruit in the nose and taste, with subtle oak undertone in the finish.   Great with Mexican food, a summer BBQ, or just chilled as an easy drinking summer wine.

_____Red Wine $19.99
A dry red made from the robust Nobel, a Muscadine red grape, to produce a hearty red wine with oak overtones. This wine would complement any red meat dinner or spicy Italian dishes or enjoy it sipping with a nice dark chocolate.

_____Blue Darter Blueberry $19.99.  (Sold out will be on shelves mid May)
A wine made from Blueberries grown in Apopka, Florida.  Fermented on the skins to get the Rich Blueberry color, this wine is bursting with Blueberry Flavor, like eating the berries off the Bush.  Our Blueberry wine is easy to drink with or without food.

_____Duke’s Red   $25.00
This Red Wine was produced from grapes grown in our vineyards in Apopka, as well as red juice from Chili.  It was finished Dry using French Oak to produce a huge Burgundian character and taste.  A truly magnificent wine that has full fruit taste and color that is attributed to the rich soils of Chile.  This wine would compliment any Red Beef meal, or hearty cheeses.

_____Rooster Red  $25.00
This Red Wine is produced from our red grapes grown in our vineyard in Apopka, as well grapes from  Chile, California, and Italy. We use French Oak staves in the fermenting vessels to produce subtle oak overtones.  It is a beautiful wine that shines as a Italian blend.  It will stand up to any Beef Meal or hardy bold cheeses..

_____Ruby Red Reserve  $25.00
This wine is a blended Red Wine using grapes grown here at our vineyard in Apopka, as well as grapes purchased from California and Chile.  When the wine is fermenting we use French oak staves in the fermenting vessels to produce a huge Red Blend that we call Ruby Red Reserve. Enjoy this huge wine with any hearty meal.

Sherry, Our Winemaker in vineyard with small grapes not quite ripe yet.